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Hendricks Racing is a full-service racing company specializing in Formula Vee and Formula First racecars and parts. Hendricks Racing is the proud manufacturer of the Lazer Formula Vee.

Barret Hendricks, owner of Hendricks Racing, has been racing for many years, beginning with karting at a young age, and has gained experience on several race teams and pit crews and various types of cars. He has a masters in Mechanical Engineering and is an engineer for Stellantis (formerly Chrysler Automotive) where he has gained experience in automotive design, analysis, and manufacturing.

Please feel free to contact Hendricks Racing with any questions or requests regarding rules, design, fabrication, rental, purchase, etc. of any Formula Vee, Formula First, or VW cars or parts.

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Proud Manufacturer of the Lazer

(Clockwise) Hendricks Racing logo w/ Volkswagen H shift configuration; Lazer logo; #8 Haase Scorpion race kart; White #46 Lynx B/Caracal C driven by Barret Hendricks